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GRIMME introduces new generation of potato harvester, EVO 280

Packed with innovation, the new generation of GRIMMEs potato harvester, EVO 280 is now equipped with a completely hydraulic drive-system delivering comfort, power and tenderness

Thanks to the completely hydraulic drive-system, all main webs, including the optionally available intake web, as well as the separators can be adjusted independently of the engine speed (PTO speed) of the tractor. The speeds of all main webs, including the deviner web, are now displayed in km/h, making it easier for the driver to adjust the web speeds to the selected harvesting speed. If desired, electronic assistance systems like Speedtronic-Web and Speedtronic-Sep can relieve the operator by automatically regulating all web speeds depending on the load. The operator can then easily concentrate on monitoring the machine thanks to the impressive size of the SmartView display which also helps reduce fatigue when working long days. 

The optimisation of the intake design ensures reduced weight as well as improved contour adaptation, which prevents build-up and blockage by haulm. For improved crop protection against possible losses, the overlap between the first and second main web as well as between the second main web and the first separator has been increased. By optimising the positioning of the drive for the diviner web, it was possible to further increase both the pulling power and the stability. In combination with the newly positioned scraper comb, the tubers are separated from the haulm even more effectively. For maximum pushing power in difficult harvesting conditions, the new generation can also be equipped with a hydrostatic wheel drive.

With the eight tonne bunker still fitted as standard, the machine can alternatively be equipped with the 7.5 t, patented NonstopBunker with a very large transfer distance, making it easy to unload during the harvesting process, even on platform trailers with two rows of boxes. The optional bunker web with canvas and all-round padding on the bunker bars ensures maximum crop protection. In addition, there is the optional lubrication system for the bunker chain, whereby oil is automatically applied to the chain links during the bunker unloading process.

Besides the already familiar comfort packages for the picking table, the picking staff also benefit from a more attractive working environment thanks to extended comfort packages with additional cleaning spades, storage boxes and an aluminium ladder, as well as a re-designed canopy. The elimination of mechanical drive components also improves accessibility for cleaning and maintenance work, which is aided by the central lubrication points at various locations. For the coming year, a central lubrication system can also be selected as an option. Thanks to the position lights fitted as standard, the machine contour is visible to the driver even in the dark. Moreover, the new LED peripheral lighting ensures optimal illumination of the working environment. 

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