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JOSKIN continues and strengthens its ‘Advantage’ series production

Joskin’s ‘Advantage’ series production concept continues to gain momentum, in particular with the regular addition of new ranges and models

It offers all users the possibility of get-ting high-performance, super-equipped equipment at the price of a standard product. As a reminder, with the ‘Advantage’ concept, JOSKIN wanted to prove that it was possible to produce high-quality, well-equipped machines at affordable prices. Each Advantage machine is fully equipped and comes at a low price. To achieve this, the company relies on a manufacturing process with assembly lines, which was until then not used in the agricultural trailer industry. Advantage machines are assembled on dedicated assembly lines and are manufactured in identical series, allowing JOSKIN to achieve economies of scale (cheaper raw materials, more cost-effective production and increased efficiency of automatic tools). In three years, more than 4,000 Advantage machines have left the JOSKIN factory. This figure proves that users are interested in series-produced equipment and confirms that this concept has a future.

Wide range of machines

The Advantage family is growing with the series production of new ranges and models. In view of this success, JOSKIN continues to expand its ‘Advantage’ range with new references. From the Drakkar multipurpose trailer, to the Volumetra slurry tanker, Tornado muck spreader, Trans-KTP construction tipping trailer, Trans-CAP agricultural tipping trailer and Scariflex meadow aerator, a total of ten models have been produced in "Advantage" version over the past months. The latest examples are the Wago bale trailers and the Ferti-SPACE2 muck spreaders.

A 100 references to discover online

In the continuity of its digital development and to remain as close as possible to its customers despite the various constraints imposed over the last few months, JOSKIN has created a website entirely dedicated to the ‘Advantage’ series. A wide choice of machines (more than 100 references) is displayed, including the essential machines from the JOSKIN production, among which the classics that have made JOSKIN famous: tankers, injectors, tipping trailers, muck spreaders, bale trailers... Available everywhere and all the time, the new website has a dynamic look and gives quick access to all the vehicles and implements available. To make navigation more enjoyable, filters have been added in order to directly find a machine adapted to your needs (range, number of axles, capacity, working width...). It is also accompanied by key information, such as its strengths, standard and specific equipment, gross price and photos to give the buyer full powers and help them make the best decision. They can then contact the JOSKIN dealer of their choice to ask questions and/or finalise the process.

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