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Pöttinger presents new grassland products

Grassland specialist Pöttinger has once again launched a new range of innovations for the new season, with something new for every link in the harvesting chain – from mowing, tedding and raking to loading

NOVACAT V 10000: The new standard in mowing

The new mower combination combines high output with the best possible ground tracking and the greatest reliability thanks to intelligent technology. The NOVACAT V 10000 is available with a headstock for 3.0 or 3.5 metre wide front mowers. This makes working widths of up to 9.62 and 10.02 metres possible.

New HIT V 11100 – Powerful and compact

With its 1.42 metre rotors and 10.70 metre working width (DIN), the HIT V 11100 combines excellent tedding quality with maximum output. While the HIT is inconspicuously small during transport, it unfolds to reveal stunning dimensions in the field. It also boasts an impressive array of technical refinements.

TOP 882 C: The new large centre-swath rake 

Pöttinger has added the new TOP 882 C to their range of popular centre-swath rakes. The TOP 882 C demonstrates its full capabilities at a working width of 7.70 to 8.80 metres. The longer boom allows very flexible swath width adjustment between 1.30 and 2.60 metres. Flexibility that offers the advantage of wider swaths for forage harvesters and narrower swath widths for small loader wagons. Despite the impressive rotor diameter of 3.70 metres, the transport height without removing the tine arms is still below 4.00 metres. 

New belt-type rake MERGENTO VT 9220

The new MERGENTO VT 9220 belt-type rake (with working widths of up to 9.20 metres for a central swath and 8.70 metres for a side swath) is designed for alfalfa, clover, and a wide variety of crops from permanent grassland to straw. MERGENTO collects the forage using the pick-up. Without further contact with the ground, cross conveyor belts transport the forage to the swath. 

The new JUMBO 8000 chops much shorter 

With the new short chop system, the world market leader in loader wagons has taken another step further. The new JUMBO 8000 chops the forage almost 30% shorter: This means even higher forage quality without compromising on loading performance. Protected to a torque of 3,500 Nm, the loader wagon can now deliver higher throughput rates than a self-propelled forage harvester. 

Contactless steered axles on the JUMBO

Agricultural machinery manufacturer Pöttinger underlines its world market leadership in loader wagons with innovative developments to its flagship, the JUMBO: Convenience and safety have a very high priority. The new contactless, electronic steered axles on the JUMBO loader wagon significantly improve operating and driving comfort as well as the reliability of the steering system. 

Developed together with ME MOBIL ELEKTRONIK GMBH, the system was launched on the JUMBO loader wagon first.

BOSS 3000 MASTER, the new benchmark

The BOSS 3000 MASTER complements the product range of loader wagons for smaller scale farm businesses and farms in the foothills of the Alps. The engineers have succeeded in reducing maintenance requirements to a minimum with a loading unit developed from the ground up, while at the same time significantly increasing throughput capacity. In addition, new smart options, previously only available on the larger wagons, are now also available for the BOSS. It is available in four sizes from 18.7 to 26.5 m³ (DIN). Two of them also with beater rotors. The BOSS 3000 MASTER series is available from 01 August 2022.