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JOSKIN launches hydraulic side ladders

JOSKIN, the Belgian company which is building the worlds largest programme of trailers for transport and spreading of agricultural products, has launched hydraulic side ladders that go with the WAGO bale trailers

The ladder uses hydraulic principle to secure the load which in turn is held into position by check valves.The use of straps and the regular tightening check would be no longer necessary. 

The side ladders, which can be lowered on both sides, are specially designed for bales with common dimensions: a double row of 3 piled up square bales of 90 cm high, 4 piled up square bales of 70 cm and 2 or 3 round bales with a diameter from 120 cm to 200 cm. The main structure is made of round tubes to avoid damaging the bales.


1. Securing the whole load, both for the driver and during transportation

2. Significant time saving when loading and unloading while limiting and making the human intervention easier by only activating the tractor distributor to lift or lower the side ladders

3. Flexibility since all bales with common dimensions can be used 

JOSKIN's machines criss-cross the countryside all over Europe and in many regions of the world. Almost 60 countries are regularly served each year. The company has several models of bale trailers like trailed models with turntable, leaf suspension and spring holding the drawbar in high positon and semi-mounted models with reinforced rigid drawbar. They are available with 1, 2 or 3 axles, a length from 6 to 12 m and a payload from 7 to 20 t. Their 2.5 m width allows to easily place the bales or Pallox between the inner edges.