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JOSKIN Pendislide Pro, a sound investment since 2017

As a specialist manufacturer, JOSKIN has several implements designed for proper application of nutrient rich slurry, one of them being the Pendislide Pro, a line spreading boom with skids that can be used on both grassland and young crops (cereals)

JOSKIN Pendislide Pro was introduced to the press and general public in 2017. Since then, it has become a highly popular spreading boom in many countries. 

The implement is available in four versions, with working widths ranging from 12 to 18 m and a row spacing of 25 cm. Each element consists of a 70 mm wide spring leaf on which is fitted an Ertalon skid. The skid makes a small groove in the ground, has a limited flattening effect in the grass and ensures a correct application of the slurry on the ground and between the crops. In this way, any contamination of the crop is minimised. In areas with rocky terrain, the Ertalon skids can be replaced by cast steel models.

The boom can reach a working speed of 8 to10 km/h depending on the ground relief. The bending of the curved leaves compensates for slight unevenness in the meadow or field, thus ensuring even spreading. Moreover, both sides of the implement's spreading boom can move independently of each other, enabling an even better follow-up of the terrain.

In order to properly compensate the relief differences, the frame sections are supported on the left and right by a gauge wheel. Thanks to a pendulum system integrated in the frame, the implement perfectly follows the ground relief, even in the length. In addition, the skids can be lowered to 250 mm below ground level, while upward travel is unlimited. All this makes the JOSKIN Pendislide Pro ideal for flat terrain, but also extremely practical on hilly terrain.

The elements of the Pendislide Pro are fitted on a sturdy and lightweight galvanised steel frame made of profiled tubes. The use of industrial knee-joints on the frame ensures a high wear resistance to the boom, which means that despite being subject to high strains, they maintain their long lifespan and reduced maintenance time.

Each half section of the frame is equipped with an eccentric Scalper macerator to ensure a homogeneous and regular dosing of the slurry towards the skids. They also limit the distance to the exit at the skids. In this way, the difference in slurry flow between the outlets is minimised at the beginning of the distribution. These compact Scalper macerators are also equipped with quick-opening side covers for a quick and easy maintenance. 

The simple, yet durable design of the JOSKIN Pendislide Pro, its versatility in both grassland and (young) crops, and its ability to be used on both flat and uneven terrain make it an ideal implement for intensive use on farms or large dairy farms. Furthermore, the precise distribution of the slurry and the large working widths ensure an optimal and efficient distribution of the minerals and nutrients, allowing crops to take full advantage of them.