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Kenyan government to invest US$5.7mn in farming equipment

Farmers in Mandera, Kenya will benefit from new farming machinery and tools to construct irrigation canals, according to agriculture director Bernard Okutu

Agriculture director Bernard Okutu stated that the majority of the US$5.7mn budget for Mandera's agricultural sector will be used to purchase farm machinery and build irrigation canals.

“We want to purchase four more tractors with harrows, mowers and planters for our farmers, and construct canals directly from River Daua,” Okutu said.

Okutu said the Agriculture ministry will utilize areas close to the river as it is the only reliable source of water in the county.

Currently, there are in place to have a permanent irrigation scheme at Koromey and a budget has been set aside by the Kenyan government, Okutu revealed.

“We want to construct five more irrigation schemes in the county including Rhamu Dimtu, Shantolle, Haresa and improve on the Border Point 1 scheme,” Okutu stated.

“We shall be improving the water harvesting structures and clearing the Mathenge plants affecting our farming.”