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Manna Insect launches new farming app

Agritech company Manna Insects new Manna Insect Farming App will be globally launched by the end of 2023, to support insect farmers around the world

The app which will be beta tested during November and December, aims to create optimal environments for black soldier flies (BSF) and larvae, thus maximising their efficiency. The app enables BSF farmers to optimise and manage insect production at any scale, as well as for continuous learning and improvement. Moreover, systematic processes, measurement, documenting, managing and predicting production metrics, that are crucial for effective insect farming, are made easier with the help of this novel application. 

The app is a tool for starting and accelerating professional BSF production, as well as learning, getting support, managing and improving production. In addition, it also helps connect with biowaste sources as well as potential customers for the end products.

The Manna Insect Farming app will bring core value to insect farming. Some of the interesting features of the app include:

- Interactive learning: The app provides guidance and tips throughout the process, enabling self-learning and easy training of employees, while also prompting task suggestions based on the inserted data. 

- Around-the-clock support: The app provides an AI-based chatbox and allows users to know and improve their production efficiency. 

- Employee and task management: Allows users to predict quantities.

- Finding biowaste sources, eggs, equipment and partners: Provides awareness about local sources, companies and people.

The app is optimised for mobile phones and works on any phone, table and computed through a web address. 

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