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MicroHarvest's new pilot plant marks critical milestone towards commercialisation

Leading industrial biotechnology company, MicroHarvest on 16 November launched its state-of-the-art pilot plant in Lisbon, Portugal

The official launch of the pilot marks a significant milestone in MicroHarvest's mission to reshape the landscape of sustainable food production. The plant also enables the company to produce single cell-protein samples for customers, thus allowing the company to further hone its technology and test production runs before bringing them to commercial scale. Moreover, with the ability to operate beyond labscale in-house, the pilot plant will accelerate MicroHarvest’s journey towards commercialisation and market availability. 

MicroHarvest’s proprietary technology enables the sustainable production of high-quality protein ingredients containing more than 60% raw protein within just 24 hours. The pioneering approach significantly reduces resource consumption compared to conventional methods and has the potential to reshape the industry. It offers highly competitive, scalable and consistent protein solutions applicable across diverse sectors, including feed, pet food, and human food.

The pilot plant also aims to address the global challenge of feeding a growing population, while minimising environmental impact. At the forefront this launch was the company's proprietary biomass fermentation technology that showcases a revolutionary approach to sustainable protein production. The technology was also awarded the prestigious Bloomberg NEF Pioneers Award earlier this year.

“This pilot plant serves as tangible evidence of the scalability of our process. With a lower investment when compared to alternative technologies, and within a mere 200 sq m, we can achieve a daily production of 25 Kg,” noted CTO of MicroHarvest, Luísa Cruz.

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