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Manna MIND Gen2: Convert any space into an insect farming facility!

Agritech company Manna Insect Oy recently announced Manna MIND Gen2, the worlds first technology that enables the conversion of almost any space into an automatically climate-controlled and optimised insect farming facility

By optimising power consumption, the Manna MIND Gen2 allows insect farming facilities to operate with solar panels alone and on all voltage levels from 110 to 220 to 430 V, thus making insect farming profitable from any location regardless of climate or weather conditions. 

The first generation version which is already in use on five continents, specialises in managing the climatisation of used 20 ft sea containers that have been refurbished into insect rearing facilities. Manna Insect utilises black soldier fly (BSF) to upcycle organic waste into cost-efficient and nutritious animal feed and organic fertiliser, thereby offering solutions for biowaste and animal feed problems.

Manna MIND is a sensor and control unit that manages all equipment within an insect rearing facility to optimise the growth or breeding conditions to be optimal at each stage of the larvae growth cycle, making the facility the perfect environment for both upcycling of biowaste at maximum efficiency and enabling the larvae to grow as much as possible during the rearing cycle, thus creating more animal feed in the form of insect protein, and better quality fertiliser as a side product. Besides enabling insect farming to be operated as a complete standalone setup, Manna MIND also requires minimal human input and workload, thus making the entire insect production process extremely cost-efficient and profitable for farmers. 

CEO and founder of Manna Insect, Ykä Marjanen mentioned that the purpose of the new Gen2 version – which was comparatively more versatile, smaller and had a lot more features than the first generation MIND – was to reach out to the enormous market segment. Moreover, he also stated that the Manna MIND Gen2 was the first climatisation solution in the insect farming industry that was facility independent, which meant that the facility did not have to be of a certain size and could be well suited to operate different size facilities efficiently. The latest version is designed for small local operations upcycling from five to 200 tonnes of biowaste in a month from a single site.

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