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Meyn introduces Opening Machine 240 with patented cutting mechanism

Meyn, a global manufacturer of poultry processing machinery, has launched next generation Opening Machine 240 equipped with a patented cutting mechanism

The equipment employs a swivel movement to ensure an exact cut and to reduce intestine damage at high speeds, independent of the bird weight. The machine targets consistent low contamination level by reducing the risk of picking up intestines when entering the bird’s cavity.

The birds are held in position by the lower part of the processing unit, and the back support tilts the bird to ensure a proper infeed of the knife guide. Next, the lower part of the scissors is guided through the (vent) hole into the bird, until it rests against the breast-bone. The back support ensures the bird is pulled back in a straight position to prevent picking up intestines. The upper (crenelated) knife is lowered, cutting the abdominal skin. Finally, the bird is released from the unit.

Meyn aims to make the maintenance easier for customers through quick release principles and interchangeable parts. The machine will continue to cut accurately despite the leeway caused by wear and tear. The knives will retain sharpness up to 12 weeks, Meyn claimed. The processing unit is cleaned after each cycle using spray nozzles.

Combined with the Meyn Vent Cutter 240, the Opening Machine 240 can process up to 13,500 bph, according to the company.

Opening machine 240 complies with CE regulations and the safety is optimised by implementing the new ECP 1.1 concept. The infeed guide adjustments can be made without opening the safety doors.