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Putting an end to strawberry wastage

Food tech company OneThird on 15 June, announced the deployment of its AI-powered scanner technology in the supply chain of Bakker Barendrecht, part of Greenyard and the sole supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables for Albert Heijn, the largest supermarket chain in The Netherlands

The announcement follows a multi-year collaboration between Bakker Barendrecht and OneThird to develop and validate OneThird’s strawberry technology. Bakker Barendrecht will ultimately use the technology to estimate the shelf life of other fruits or vegetables prone to spoilage. 

The technology empowers Albert Heijn, Bakker Barendrecht and their growers with real-time information to better estimate the quality and exact shelf life of strawberries in real-time so that they can optimise 'best before' dates, opt to ship locally or within a shorter trucking distance to maintain shelf-life. As a result, the strawberries reach more customers and turn out to be perfectly ripe, fresh and delicious. 

The shelf life of the produce is typically only known in hindsight, when it is too late to address, OneThird helps to determine the remaining shelf life of produce along the supply chain and provides actionable insights by combining AI in the form of proprietary algorithms with near-infrared-based scanners. This technology is therefore capable of eliminating up to 25% of waste across the produce supply chain.

“Making informed and data-driven decisions in the supply chain plays a key role in addressing product loss due to spoilage. We have worked hard to create technology that helps address this persistent global challenge that directly impacts food scarcity,” said OneThird CEO and founder, Marco Snikkers. “We are proud to have installed OneThird’s AI-powered scanner technology in the Albert Heijn supply chain. Their customers will have the freshest strawberries possible while the supply chain reduces food waste. It’s a win-win!”

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