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RegenConnect programme: Farmers receive new revenue streams for adopting sustainable practices

Cargill and John Deere are announcing a collaborative effort to streamline the digital and in-field experience for farmers using John Deere technology and electing to participate in the Cargill RegenConnect programme

John Deere and Cargill will work together to help farmers adopt and use precision technology and synchronise the flow of information when they opt-in to share data between systems. This will allow farmers to use existing planting, harvest and tillage documentation data stored in the Operations Centre, easily fill in missing information, and enroll in the 2023 Cargill RegenConnect programme. Moreover, farmers can save time, assure greater accuracy of data and offer the most up to date, consistent, and comprehensive view of their operation.

The Cargill RegenConnect programme is currently available to all Operations Centre users in 24 US States. Farmers will be able to work directly with their John Deere dealer to learn about equipment and technology available to implement practices eligible under the Cargill RegenConnect programme, and to ensure the as-applied documentation data is complete. This programme pays farmers for improving soil health based on the regenerative agriculture practices they have adopted including cover crops, no till or reduced till. Eligible acres must have a primary crop of corn, soy, wheat, or cotton.

In addition to receiving positive feedback from growers and customers, Cargill RegenConnect has also been recognised by the 2023 Edison Awards for its innovative approach to creating a more resilient and secure system. Moreover, Cargill has also recently expanded its award winning regenerative agriculture programme to various regions of Europe including Germany, Poland, Romania, and France.