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Colruyt Group and MechaTronix launch energy efficient light for vertical farming

Colruyt Group in co-creation with MechaTronix have announced the launch of the CoolGrow VF, a breakthrough vertical farm light which is upto 38% more energy efficient than a conventional vertical farm setup

As a result of the successful and intensive cooperation between Colruyt Group's innovation team, Smart Technics along with MechaTronix, Light & Lighting Laboratory of the KU Leuven and Achilles Design, the CoolGrow VF light was developed with the support of the Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO). ​This unique partnership combines Colruyt Group's expertise in vertical farming with MechaTronix's technology leadership in LED lighting for horticulture.

Market research has shown that there is currently no existing solution to meet the high requirements of control capabilities and energy efficiency. The development of a completely new lighting concept is therefore an important factor in making vertical farms energy-efficient and successful. 

The CoolGrow VF light is first placed upside down and works by illuminating the celiling instead of directly lighting the plants. It uses a reflector that spreads the light across the ceiling and side walls, which themselves become a light source for the plants. Moreover, the light being 100% diffuse allows the entire plant to actively participate in photosynthesis. This immediately results in a higher production and shorter crop growth time. ​Using advanced LED technology and the unique lighting concept allows the light to provide optimal growing conditions for crops in vertical farms at the lowest possible energy cost. This makes the vertical farm light upto 38% more energy efficient when compared to a conventional vertical farm setup. 

"Colruyt Group and MechaTronix aim to commercialise the CoolGrow VF light on the international market, contributing to the further development of vertical farming. With this pioneering technology, both companies are taking an important step towards a sustainable and future-oriented food supply," said Kim Vancauwenberghe, managing director of Colruyt Smart Technics.