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Trelleborg showcase six new innovations and products at SIMA

At SIMA 2017, Trelleborg unveiled and showcased six products from its extensive portfolio of tyres and complete wheel systems for the agricultural sector

Trelleborg showcased six new products at SIMA 2017. The VF1050/50R32, a new size in the TM3000 range, was displayed and has been developed to provide farming professionals with increased productivity, lowering overall operating costs while still respecting the environment. Compared to standard options in the market, the VF construction allows the tire to carry up to 40 per cent more load at the same pressure or to inflate the tire with up to 40 per cent less pressure while carrying the same load. This means that the tyre can carry up to 13,200 kg at 3.6 bar.

The VF380/105R50, a new size in the TM150 range, was also on display for visitors to SIMA 2017. It is for larger sprayer machines and allows the producer to work in the most difficult of conditions. It is able to cope with high demand applications due to its high load capacity, stability and reduced fuel consumption. D rated at 65 km/h, TM150 has been designed to provide excellent lateral stability, as well as increased road comfort and handling even at high speeds.  

The VF750/70R44, a new size in TM1060 range, was showcased and has been designed with the latest generation of tractors in mind using ProgressiveTraction technology. The new exclusive size, means the TM1060 range is now suitable for tractors over 400 horsepower and can be used with narrower rims, improving efficiency. 

The 520/70R38 TM700 ProgressiveTraction was displayed on the Trelleborg stand. With its two points of anchorage and boost grip, has a traction capability of up to 18 per cent more compared to the comparable average tyre. Its design greatly reduces tire slippage to ensure maximum traction. This reduces working time per hectare, resulting in lower emissions and increased efficiency. 

Also at the stand was the IF900/65R46 TM1000 High Power line, which has been co-designed together with leading tractor manufacturers to equip the latest generation of high powered tractors. This range is able to transfer the entire engine power to the ground, along with the torque driven by the latest breed of transmissions. 

The final innovation on show was the TH400 is the Agro-Industrial radial range for the latest generations of telescopic handlers, backhoes and mini loaders. Versatile in several applications, TH400 is able to operate on the toughest soils while coping with the most demanding conditions. 

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