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Caprari inaugurates PumpPro Academy

In an effort to increase and standardise the knowledge of its product and serviceability, Caprari has started up “PumpPro Academy”, an innovative training programme developed both for internal staff and the Distribution and Service Network

Caprari PumpPro Academy represents a digital leap in professional training in the world of solutions for optimal water cycle management, thanks to a new interactive platform designed for simple and intuitive use.

The new academy gives users the opportunity to access online courses dedicated to Caprari products, enabling them to achieve standardised and uniform training levels, with the possibility of designing tailor-made paths.

Navigation of the platform is permitted to a selected number of users, and is supported by international software allowing access to a dedicated portal.

The new project, entirely designed in-house at Caprari and in continuous development, is based on multimedia learning modules, covering theory and practice. To complete the modules users must pass intermediate checks and final tests, necessary for monitoring, evaluating and guaranteeing the user’s level of learning.

Armando Bigliocchi, corporate customer services manager, said, “We are confident that we have met a strongly felt need within our Distribution and Service Network. Through this new multilingual platform, we’ll be able to standardise and monitor the training paths of our users, whose success in passing the courses will be attested by a “Caprari PumpPro Academy” certificate which has international recognition.

“We will be able to reach and train any user globally, and therefore minimise our customers’ investments in training and enable them to take advantage of online courses at any moment without interference in their work activities. PumpPro Academy is a project in continuous development; it has the challenging goal to develop training paths focused not only on our current range of products, but also on their applicability and installability on the plant, and thus offer our customers a service up to the standards of the Caprari brand.”

PumpPro Academy is an innovative project inserted into a broader programme of technological transformation - Caprari 5.0 - started in 2019 with the goal of optimising and increasing the efficiency of all processes of the Group with a view compatible with a Customer Centric strategy.

Marcello Petrucci, sales and marketing director at the Caprari Group, commented, “It is of the highest importance for Caprari to have and maintain a dialogue with our customers. With PumpPro Academy, even in this particular and difficult situation, we want to put at their disposal our skills and knowledge, as well as the value of the research and development conducted by the company, so that they can remain constantly updated and close to us.”

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