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Irritec Group opens new branch in Senegal to expand its presence in Western Africa

The Irritec Group, a leading company in the field of precision irrigation, has announced a new Irritec branch in Senegal to develop and consolidate its presence in Western Africa

Irritec Senegal is the result of a winning collaboration with SCOVA Impianti a Modena-based (Italy) company active in Senegal since 2016. For 50 years, SCOVA Impianti has specialised in the design, supply and installation of all types of pumping stations taking water from artesian wells, rivers or basins.

Innovation and sustainability have always been core values for the two companies that now come together in a strategic partnership to promote high-quality products and to provide Italian know-how and experience at the service of Senegalese farmers. 

Specialised in the production of drip Irrigation systems with 14 international branches, supporting a global network of over 15,000 experts, the Irritec Group identifies advanced technological solutions as a core value, engineering these solutions to optimise environmental resources and production processes, guaranteeing exceptional quality.

“I would like to thank our partners and everybody involved in the project for this important achievement. With the new headquarters of Irritec Senegal, we will offer an even more integrated service to support local agriculture and strengthen our presence in the African irrigation market,” said Carmelo Giuffrè, founder and CEO of the Irritec Group.

“Thanks to the many synergies between our two companies and in particular to our shared dedication to pursuing sustainability within agriculture and to improving the quality of cultivation, we can look forward to working together to develop new opportunities and to help the agricultural enterprise to thrive,” said Marco Vanzini, CEO of SCOVA Impianti.

The Irritec Senegal headquarters, with its warehouse, is strategic for the entire territory of Western Africa, from the design and implementation of precision irrigation projects to after-sales assistance. Through the new branch in Senegal, Irritec will supply complete precision irrigation systems in the territory, guaranteeing assistance during installation and after-sales.