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Kenya to implement rain water harvesting

New innovations in rain water harvesting are expected to boost the availability of water in many households in urban and rural Kenya

Across sub-Saharan Africa and the developing world, the shortage of fresh supply for water has led to innovators finding ways of solving perpetual water shortage problems.

The recently held Nakuru ASK Show highlighted the construction of three new water harvesting tanks, which aim to improve water supply especially in drier months of the year.

The first tank, which has flat metallic surfaces that open and close during the rainy season, harvests water independent of roof tops to trap as much water as possible.

“The opening of the flat surfaces is controlled manually, electronically or through sensors. The size of the flat surfaces- that open just like a carton above the tank determines the amount of water harvested and the cost,” observed Edward Ndiritu (pictured above), the innovator behind the techniques as he explained the working of the tanks.

Ndiritu noted that the tanks are collapsible and easy to transport and set up in a new area.

“The size of the umbrella depends on the owner’s water needs and funds available. This method is very suitable in areas where there are few corrugated iron sheet houses like in Maasailand –where manyattas dominate. Being above the ground also reduces dusts and other wind-blown materials from contaminating the water, improving cleanliness,” he added.

Mwangi Mumero