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FAO offers support to Uganda’s agriculture sector

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) director-general Jose Graziano da Silva met with Ugandan vice-president, Edward Sekandi, to explore ways to improve food security for Ugandans and eradicate poverty

Uganda’s agriculture sector, which employs more than 80 per cent of the country's population, needs to overcome challenges such as unequal food distribution and food insecurity, according to Graziano da Silva.

During the FAO chief’s visit to Uganda, da Silva and Sekandi, who was present on behalf of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, discussed how they could support rural smallholders in the country.

The FAO has urged Ugandan’s to support small-scale farmers and those who want to venture into commercial farming to make sure food is well distributed and consumed in all areas of Uganda.

“We agreed that for the agriculture sector to grow, Ugandans need to support both the small-scale rural subsistence farmers as well as building the bridge for small scale farmers who want to go into commercial farming,” the director-general said.