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Gorta-Self Help Africa to assist Ethiopian farmers

UK-based charity organisation Gorta-Self Help Africa has announced its investment plans worth US$5.96mn to aid farmers in Ethiopia

The organisation said that it will work with 40,485 households of the country to set up community nurseries and plant tree seedlings. It will also focus on helping farmers to cultivate in a climate-smart way, it added.

Gorta-Self Help Africa will aid the farmers to improve the quality of cereal and vegetable production and promote improved nutrition practices.

Wubshet Berhanu, country director of Gorta-Self Help Africa, said, “The agency will start a US$172,428 project, which would focus on nomadic farmers. Ethiopia’s 90mn population includes up to eight million nomadic farmers or pastoralists. The agency will help them to breed better livestock and improve the quality of animal feed.”

The charity also plans to invest US$632,237.7 in central Ethiopia to help farmers to improve their seed quality, added Berhanu.

Gorta and Self Help Africa had merged in July 2014 to form Gorta-Self Help Africa.