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Project to limit post-harvest losses in Uganda

Uganda has launched a new project to explore increased use of roots, tubers and bananas (RTBs) and agricultural technologies to reduce post-harvest losses in the country

Diego Naziri, a post harvest specialist at the International Potato Center (CIP) in Uganda, said, “This project is supported by the EU and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). The project will improve food security for RTBs and the demand of post-harvest and processing technologies as well as value chain and capacity development in Uganda.”

Naziri added that unlike in Asia, the full potential of RTBs has not been realised in Africa despite their benefits. He noted that Africa lacks technologies for storing RTBs, resulting in an underdeveloped potential for value addition.

Enoch Kikulwe, an associate scientist at Biodiversity International of Uganda, said that research on cooking bananas is expected to reduce post-harvest losses by promoting varieties with a longer shelf life and better post-harvest handling properties.

The project would pilot a new weight-based pricing system and promote different consumer products, including peeled and preserved bananas, added Kikulwe.