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Zambia seeks sugar investor

The Zambian government is looking for a suitable investor to set up a sugar estate and processing plant in the Luena Farm Bloc

According to Kawambwa district commissioner Mwita Kasengele, measures are currently being put in place to kick-start the establishment of the 100,000 hectares of land in Kawambwa, Luapula Province, the country’s second largest sugar estate. The plan has been delayed for a few years now.

“The opening of the Luena Farm Bloc was delayed after the ZMK3.3bn (US$641,000) which was meant for the exercise was diverted to develop Nansanga Farm Bloc in Serenje, Central Zambia,” said Kasengele.

The Luena Farm Bloc was expected to house a sugar estate and a processing plant after demarcating the 100,000 hectares into 839 farms. The sugar estate and processing plant would be the core venture while hundreds of out grower schemes would be set up next year.

The opening of the farm bloc would start with the construction of dams, roads, establishment of power lines. Apart from the core venture, the rest of the land would be sub-divided into farmland to include 14 farms which would each have a size of 2,000 hectares and several commercial farms which would supplement the core venture’s production as out grower schemes.

The Zambian government is determined to open up the area which was suitable for sugar cane production, although production of other cash crops could be carried out.

By Nawa Mutumweno