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Zimbabwe seeks US$60mn to strengthen food security

The World Food Programme (WFP) is seeking US$60mn to strengthen food security across Zimbabwe in preparation for the traditional harvest in three months time

The WFP stated that food scarcity was evident in remote areas, especially in four provinces; Matabeleland North and South, Masvingo and Midlands, due to those regions receiving less rain than other provinces.

“The critical period is now. We are in January and February and early March,” said Sydney Mhishi, a senior official in the ministry of social welfare.

“The amount I have been given for this whole year can only purchase a quarter for the requirement of January, not to talk about February not to talk about March. I am assuming there will be good rains coming after May up to December next year,” Mhishi added.

The UN is currently short of funding and will be cutting rations for one million people in Zimbabwe where around two million people need food aid. 

Food prices have also doubled since last year, which is causing food shortages in the country, according to the WFP.

The UN food agency said that Zimbabwe needs US$80mn in the next six months if it is to tackle the food security issue.