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Potato stem tubers complete with ‘eyes’ (buds) serve as the planting material as well as the harvested crop commodity. (Image source: Dr Terry Mabbett)

Dr Terry Mabbett travels to Kings Lynn in eastern UK, to meet Omex Agrifluids technical sales manager for Africa, Dr Ben Odunlami and export sales manager for Africa, Oskar Winkler to discover their take on foliar feeding for the burgeoning potato crop in sub Saharan Africa

Fluorescent microscope images depicting secondary cell wall thickening in resistant groundnut variety (left) and susceptible variety (right). (Image source: ICRISAT))

According to a recent study by ICRISAT researchers, certain peanut varieties were found to exhibit natural resistance to fungal infection, which holds promise for the future development of disease-resistant peanut varieties

Enversa herbicide is expected to be available for use in the 2025 growing season. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Global pure-play agriculture company, Corteva Inc. recently launched Enversa, a herbicide dedicated to delivering flexible and lasting weed control in soybean and cotton fields

Inaris's revolutionary technology platform when combined with a winning commercial model, would deliver significant value and help create a sustainable future for agriculture. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

SEEDesign company, Inari recently announced the completion of a US$103mn fundraise to develop and commercialise higher-yielding seeds by utilising AI-powered predictive design and multiplex gene editing

WeedOut's green solution for outsmarting resistant weeds supports improved yield, reduced herbicide need. (Image source: WeedOUT)

Ag-tech start-up WeedOUT Ltd., has announced that it has secured US$8.1mn in A-round funding

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