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Zimbabwe rakes in US$94mn from tobacco exports

Zimbabwe has generated US$94mn from tobacco exports to different countries since the start of 2013, nearly doubling the total sales of tobacco made during the same period a year earlier

The country earned slightly more than US$46mn from the sale of 11mn kg at an average price of US$4,05 per kg in 2012, statistics from the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board revealed.

South Africa paid US$24.5mn for 8.1mn kilogrammes of tobacco at US$3.04 per kg.

The country has made profit from the sale of 25mn kilogrammes of tobacco at an average price of US$3.74 per kg.

During the same time last year, South Africa had taken up 1.7mn kg of tobacco worth US$5.8mn at US$3.38 per kg.

Sudan has increased its uptake of Zimbabwean tobacco by 600,000 kg with 1.5mn kg worth US5.36mn at an average price of US$3.46 per kg from last year’s 993,300kg worth US$3mn at US$3.04 a kg.

Agriculture experts have said that strong tobacco sales in the country is a reflection of the high prices the crop is making on the international markets.