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One of the world’s top five shrimp producers, Grupo Almar recently announced a joint multi-year partnership with nutrition, health, and beauty innovators, dsm-firmenich, committing to measure and improve the company’s environmental footprint using dsm-firmenich’s smart sustainability platform Sustell

shrimpThe partnership will not only support Grupo Almar’s own environmental footprint reduction, but also improve sustainability of the wider shrimp production value chain. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

In addition to using Sustell across all their shrimp production, Grupo Almar through this collaboration also plans to unlock dsm-firmenich’s sustainability experience and expertise. 

Ecuador is known to be the largest shrimp producer in the world, with approximately 10% of its exports, by weight, being produced by Grupo Almar. Aligning with their company vision, Grupo Almar has chosen dsm-firmenich and Sustell to mark the beginning of their sustainability journey. 

The collaboration will help to accurately measure and validate its carbon footprint as part of a full ISO 14040/44 compliant lifecycle assessment (LCA) based environmental footprint. Having looked through a multiple array of options, the company finally decided to take inspiration from the significant progress made by the salmon industry in measuring and improving its environmental footprint.

“We are committed to continue moving forward, both in technology and in sustainability. Through our partnership with a global heavyweight in animal nutrition and health, dsm-firmenich, we have our sights set firmly on improving the sustainability of our industry,” said chief operating officer of Grupo Almar, Wolfgang Harten. “We chose Sustell to go beyond measurement by taking ownership of our full environmental footprint, managing our footprint 24/7 within our own teams and organisation.”

In addition to supporting Grupo Almar’s own environmental footprint reduction, the partnership will also enable the wider shrimp production value chain to improve its sustainability.

Commenting on the announcement, Pamela Nath, director of the Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP) stated, “We welcome this announcement and the concrete efforts this embodies, demonstrating that Ecuadorian shrimp production is committed to producing shrimp with sustainable practices. We hope that this will continue to inspire and motivate the industry to go even further in improving the sustainability of shrimp production.”

Starting January 2024, full environmental footprinting of Grupo Almar’s shrimp production will commence, providing internationally validated footprint results for the full year 2024 onwards.

For more information, visit: https://almar.ec; and