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Neogen launches new tool for genomic evaluation of cattle

Neogen Corporation on 15 August, announced the launch of its new and progressive data management tool, Igenity Enhanced Dairy

The platform delivers genomic evaluation of dairy cattle by integrating in-herd phenotypic data, pedigree information, and existing predicted transmitting abilities (PTAs) from the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB), thereby empowering dairy producers to make better selection and mating decisions.

Igenity Enhanced Dairy also enables producers to perform an in-herd assessment of the genetic potential by putting together the data of each animal's performance with the results derived from an Igenity Select profile. The ability to apply on-farm phenotype data to a standard genetic assessment ultimately enables better decision-making by leveraging the management and geography of individual animals. The tool therefore equips producers with valuable data and evaluates their herd's potential. 

“Neogen is thrilled to introduce a useful tool that contributes to the improvement of genetic selection in the dairy cattle market,” said Victor Pedrosa, director of Genetic Prediction at Neogen. “Data plays a crucial role in decision-making, and the Igenity Enhanced Dairy platform allows producers to take an additional step forward. The traditional genetic evaluations provided by the CDCB have significantly enhanced the genetic progress of several economically valuable traits. Now, with Igenity Enhanced Dairy, we are enabling an extra gain in the dairy selection process.”

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