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Brazilian poultry sector targets African expansion

The Brazilian poultry sector is set to increase its exports to Africa, with Algeria being one of its main target markets

Algeria, which already buys processed chicken from Brazil, is now planning to import raw chicken from the South American country.

“We have been working on Algeria for a while [to open its market] for Brazilian raw and processed chicken,” said Ricardo Santin, market director at Ubabef.

“They first started buying the processed product, and now there is demand [in the country]. Algeria wants to buy fresh meat from Brazil and Brazil wants to sell. We have been working on that for five years,” Santin said.

Francisco Turra, president of the organisation, said that there should be a focus on Africa from the sector in 2013, especially Algeria and Nigeria.

The other countries, which are also main targets for the Brazilian poultry industry are Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia, according to Brazil-Arab News Agency.

Ariel Mendes, the production director at Ubabef, said that Brazilian poultry production has recently increased. 

“Inclusion of agriculture in the Low Carbon Agriculture Programme, for example. It is poultry raising in air conditioned areas, which offers a better result. Modernisation of Brazilian poultry farming is important,” Mendes said.