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German manufacturer of economic poultry housing systems, Farmer Automatic, unveiled its intelligent housing systems to visitors at the EuroTier 2012 trade show in Hanover

Farmer Automatic exhibitionFarmer Automatic provides farming solutions, which include 10 premium-quality housing systems for layers, pullets, and broilers. (Image source: Farmer Automatic)

Farmer Automatic showcased various products at the event, which ran from November 13-16, including its new pullet rearing system combi pullet.

Christian Dyckerhoff, CEO of the long-established company based in Laer, Germany, said that visitors left the show "impressed" by the display and the company's new brand design.

“The trade show visitors were very interested in our new combi pullet system and we also received a lot of praise for our new brand design,” said Dyckerhoff.

“We had the opportunity to engage in many interesting discussions and to establish new contacts, and we are really very satisfied with the results,” he added.

The combination aviary system allows pullets to be reared for both conventional and alternative housing or aviaries.