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Jansen Poultry Equipment develops new broiler system

Jansen Poultry Equipment has announced that it has launched the EasyLoader, a new product designed to assist in loading broilers into crates

The new system would provide a way for birds to be carried to a loading dock quickly without damaging them.

The EasyLoader completes the BroMaxx colony system for broiler farming, which aims to eradicate the problems of breast blister and other injuries, Jansen Poultry said.

The product features special slatted floors and manure belts to separate the broilers from their manure.

Jansen Poultry Equipment revealed that the floor had been designed with a grid to let the manure fall easily through on the manure belt and that the health of the broilers and quality of the meat improved firmly.

The broilers live on the FlexFloor, which could be stripped off so that the birds are underneath the manure belt.

Jansen Poultry Equipment explained that the conveyor belt moves the birds easily out of the BroMaxx system to the conveyor belts of the EasyLoader lifting system.

The EasyLoader transports the broilers into the crates in the container dock, which helps prevent the risk of damages and injuries.

Once a BroMaxx line is unloaded, the Easyloader lifting system will be moved to the next BroMaxx line. The EasyLoader lifting system has a loading system of up to 12,000 broilers per hour.