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Smuggling causes US$2.75bn Nigeria poultry losses

The president of the Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) has spoken about the issue of smuggling

Dr Ayoola Oduntan is quoted by Nigerian newspaper The Daily Trust as saying the annual losses incurred by the industry as a result of the illicit importation of poultry products topped US$2.75bn.

The PAN estimates that around 1.2mn tonnes of poultry products, the majority of which are frozen chicken or turkey, are smuggled into the country every year.

Speaking at 2015 PAN national poultry summit in Lagos, Dr Oduntan said, “Nigeria cannot continue to be a dumping ground for all kinds of poultry and poultry products.

“Considering the level of unemployment in this country, the Nigerian government must do everything it can to reopen closed farms, create employment and develop the industry.”

Small reductions in the level of smuggled products reaching the country, Dr Oduntan said, will have a profound effect on the sustainability of the Nigerian poultry industry.

Dr Oduntan added that the consumption of smuggled meat came with serious health risks associated with breakages in the ‘cold chain’ and exposure to harmful bacteria and chemicals during transportation and storage.