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BKT unveils new AGRIMAX V-FLECTO sizes

Tyre manufacturing company BKT has introduced a new range of AGRIMAX V-FLECTO sizes

A new size is already available and three more are being developed and will soon be added to the existing 18. The new size is VF 710/70 R 42, soon to be followed by VF 750/70 R 44, VF 710/75 R 38 and VF 710/55 R 38.

The objectives of new agriculture are ambitious: working better and sustainably, saving time and resources, optimising. Machinery and tyres must make a significant contribution to improving results, from every perspective. For this reason, BKT developed AGRIMAX V-FLECTO which meets all these needs, improving tractor performance on every type of terrain. It is a revolutionary tyre which brings together in a single product a range of “combined” solutions to optimise the work and performance of high-powered tractors.

First of all, this tyre makes it possible to maximise loads without changing tire pressure, regardless of speed, and manages to carry 40% more weight than a standard tire of the same size and with the same recommended rim. At the same time, soil compaction is reduced thanks to a wider footprint area and a 10% wider footprint.

The great strength is then durability which is 10% longer than the standard equivalent, a characteristic that benefits productivity and optimisation of farm work.

The ultra-resistant casing and the special strengthened bead allow AGRIMAX V-FLECTO to exploit all the tractor’s potential both in the field and on the road, where it can also reach high speeds.

It is the first BKT tyre that uses NRO (Narrow Rim Option) Technology, conforming to the standards recorded by the European Tire and Rim Technology Organisation (ETRTO). This marking makes it possible to use standard rims and not dedicated rims which are instead needed for VF tyres of the same size.

Thanks to all these winning characteristics united in a single solution, AGRIMAX V-FLECTO has quickly become one of BKT’s most successful products, to the extent that the company has increased the range of sizes available. Launched in 2017, initially in VF 710/60 R 42, this tire has been meeting the most demanding performance needs. For this reason AGRIMAX V-FLECTO sees its success increasing more and more in only three years, to the extent of being now available in 22 sizes.