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Foodagro Africa to exhibit food equipment and machinery

The 23rd Foodagro Africa (Kenya) is all set to showcase the widest range of latest products, equipment and machinery technology in the Food, Hospitality & Agriculture Industry from 18-20 November

Exhibitors from over 26 countries will be participating in the event, including those from Africa, India, Pakistan, UAE and some more. 

Some of the exhibitors from Tunisia are Dhayaati, Tunifroid and Taste Tunisia GIE. While Dhayati has been working in the field of poultry breeding and slaughtering as well as the processing and marketing of poultry meats in Tunisia, Tunifroid is specialised in the design of refrigeration and air treatment installations for food. It is used in industries dealing with fresh dairy products and cheese industries, meat and poultry products, sea products, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, etc.

Taste Tunisia is a collaborative export platform that brings together leading players and partners from the agri-food sector and related activities. This platform aims to be innovative, competent and ambitious and intends to develop solid and fruitful collaborations with partners operating on the African continent, by offering an extended value chain and a broad range of competitive products and services.