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Lemken launches new training centre in Alpen

Lemken, the agricultural machinery specialist, has launched a new training centre, AgroFarm, in Alpen, close to the company headquarters

The AgroFarm has been established with an investment of more than US$5mn and is expected to open up new opportunities. The training hall of the facility covers an area of 1,400 sq m with separate sections for the company’s ploughs, stubble cultivation, sowing and crop protection product groups and offers training opportunities on the machines. The facility also has access to access adjacent fields to demonstrate implements directly in practical use. According to the company, up to four groups can be trained concurrently in the new facility.

Lemken established AgroTraining as a separate training department as early as in 2008 in view of the large number and diversity of sales markets and our sophisticated technology with its numerous operating options. Headed by Peter Baumgärtner, this department now employs six trainers, who provide training to about 5,000 employees and sales partners every year.

Lemken stated that all of the training units delivered at the facility comprise of three modules: participants are trained in theoretical background knowledge first, followed by practical exercises using the implements in the hall before they are finally given ample opportunity for testing and practising outside in the field. The programme extends from training on fundamentals and innovations for sales staff and Lemken employees through to specialised training for service staff of specialist agricultural machinery dealers and the company’s after sales colleagues in more than 50 international markets.