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Pöttinger’s tractor seed drills to protect crops and soil

Drilling and harvesting technology provider Pöttinger has launched a new range of TERRASEM tractor seed drills with intelligent technology to protect crops and soil

According to the company, the TERRASEM R and TERRASEM C series seed drills can simultaneously handle the tillage, packing and seeding stages with working widths of three to four metres.

“Soil protection is the basic principle of sustainable agriculture – ensuring high yield and maintaining profit. Pöttinger has designed the TERRASEM concept as a precision seed drill process that protects the ground, ensures fertility and yield, and at the same time reduces costs for the farmer by reducing the tillage requirement,” added the company.

The new machines feature ground tracking, central coulter pressure adjustment and a high volume seed tank. The TERRASEM R series feature a short overall length, high manoeuvrability and optimum ground protection. TERRASEM C series have been designed and developed for large area coverage.

Depending on the seed rate, the metering wheel can be changed for normal or small seeds with ease and speed. The metering unit is electrically driven, controlled via radar sensor or an ISOBUS signal from the tractor.