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President Museveni orders 20 tractors for Ugandan farmers

President Museveni has ordered for the delivery of 20 tractors worth US$870,000 to 20 groups of farmers across Uganda

Museveni stated that he used his presidential budget to purchase the tractors from Engineering Solutions Uganda Limited.

"I'm using my small budget of the president to buy these tractors; I have not used the government budget. This is interest-free, it is not a loan. Take and use them to improve your farming," Museveni told the beneficiaries.

The minister of state in the vice-president’s office, Vincent Nyanzi, also received a tractor alongside Manyi Veterans association in Mityana, Kiboga district, Soroti Diocese Church of Uganda, Bulambali district and St Peter’s seminary madera.

Museveni told the farmers that in 1986 he supplied sub-counties in Luweero Triangle with 35 tractors.

"The issue is who do you give the tractors? Government can buy many tractors but who will manage and maintain them? If given to individuals, they are looked after very well, but when given to groups they are mishandled. I'm taking a gamble because people made a request. If you mismanage them, it's up to you," Museveni said.