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British firm helps farmers in energy savings

A beef farmer in Yorkshire, England, has saved more than US$46394 in energy bills after installing a unique solar system to power his farm

With the assistance of Leeds-based off-grid energy solutions firm, Xerogrid, David Brown said that he has reduced his energy bills by 80 per cent.

David Brown approached Xerogrid after having been quoted US$78870 to have his farm buildings, office and new build house connected to the national electricity grid. Xerogrid has now installed an outback power 6kw inverter or charger system, solar power and batteries which are backed up by the tractor driven generator, thus achieving low energy bills through the solar system.

According to Brown, he had to dig the 700m trench from the sub-station to install the system.

Xerogrid has also fitted John Drake, Liskeard-based farmer, with a hybrid, wind and solar off-grid energy system which has offered a six-year return on investment against diesel fuel.

The system aims to allow for advanced monitoring and data collection to reveal the farmer’s power usage during the course of a year. Currently, the data shows a 70 per cent reduction in generator use, which starts automatically when his system batteries are low and shuts off again when they are fully charged back up.

“Xerogrid were extremely helpful throughout the whole process of installation and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Not only am I saving a lot of fuel, but there’s less maintenance, and considerably less noise,” said Drake.

Ian Emberton, founder and managing director of Xerogrid, emphasised that the goal is to provide power to people and connect them off-grid to create their own electricity.

Xerogrid is a Leeds-based firm specialising in off-grid solutions across the UK and Spain, and even boast the largest privately-owned off-grid solar installation in Ghana.