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British Government signs US$38mn deal to support development in Somaliland

The UK has signed an agreement with the government of Somaliland and the Netherlands to support the implementation of Phase II of the Somaliland Development Fund (SDF2)

The programme aims to improve the lives of local people through the delivery of essential public services.

The US$38mn SDF2 will be delivered in partnership with the Somaliland government to promote long-term stability in the region. It will help improve the lives of Somaliland’s people by building critical infrastructures, such as roads, water systems and agricultural facilities, and will also help build capacity within Somaliland’s institutions.

The new programme aligned with Somaliland’s National Development Plan II (NDPII) will build on the achievements of the original SDF (2013-2018) programme.

Damon Bristow, the head of the office for the UK’s Department of International Development (DFID) in Somalia, said, “The UK is committed to supporting the people of Somaliland. We recognise the efforts being made to improve institutions and to provide access to basic services for local people.”

“SDF 2 will ensure that ordinary people across Somaliland will benefit from improved services by supporting the growth of Somaliland’s economy,” he added.

“ESRES will address the high costs of electricity in Somaliland and help promote green growth and poverty reduction by increasing access to more affordable and reliable renewable energy services,” he stated.

The UK and Somaliland also signed a renewed memorandum of understanding to support the implementation of the energy security and resource efficiency in Somaliland (ESRES) programme that aims to provide a clean, affordable renewable energy boost in Somaliland.

The agreements have been signed by President Bihi and Damon Bristow. The British ambassador, Ben Fender, and Stuart Brown, head of the British Office in Hargeisa, were also present at the signing ceremony.